Texas Banking Rates

Today’s Savings Account Interest Rates in Texas

April 26, 2011

If one of your goals this year is to save money, why not start with where you deposit your money? A good savings account rate can help you earn a little bit of interest every day, which after time can amount to big savings. Savings account rates change all the time, so let’s take a look at what rates are currently available within your state.

Current Texas Savings Rates

Texas Banking Rates collects up-to-date rates information from banks and credit unions within the entire state. Savings rates in Texas are apt to fluctuate from month to month, so it’s a good idea to check rates information frequently.

Number of Savings Accounts Availabe in Texas

As of April 25, 2011, Texas Banking Rates records a total of [accountcount type=”savings”] savings accounts available in Texas.

Highest Texas Savings Rate

Now, let’s look at the best rates available in your area. Out of these accounts, the highest possible rate in our database you can obtain is [accountlist type=”savings” order=”desc” count=”1″ bankname=”off”] APY.

Lowest Rate for Savings Accounts

Just to do a little comparison, let’s look at what the lowest savings rate is in Texas. We’ve found that the lowest savings rate available to date is [accountlist type=”savings” order=”asc” count=”1″ bankname=”off”] APY.

Average Savings Interest Rate in Texas

Let’s say you wanted to compare these numbers to what savings rates a year ago. That would mean you’d have to look at the average in Texas. [accountaverage type=”savings”] APY is the average as of today.

The Best Texas Savings Interest Rates

Now for the best part. Let’s take a look at who’ s offering the very best savings account rates in Texas.

[accountlist type=”savings” order=”desc” count=”3″ bankname=”on”]

Please note the above rates are accurate as of the publish date, but are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the financial institutions.