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Cuts on Texas Food Stamps Threaten Families

Texas Food Stamps

Texas food stamps are being targeted by Congress in their latest attempt at cutting costs. Advocates of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known in Texas as the LoneStar food card, warn that cutting the program will be detrimental to the health and livelihood of families across the state.

Lawmakers Consider Abandoning Texas Food Stamps

An estimated 3.6 million residents use Texas food stamps as a way to feed their families and ensure a healthy, balanced diet. In addition to cutting budgets to the LoneStar card, Congress is considering cutting funding for reduced-price school meal tickets, which means that 280,000 children may not receive the adequate daily nutrition they need for development.

Jonathan Lewis, food policy specialist for the Center for Public Policy Priorities said, “Families that already are having trouble paying for their electrical bill, rent and the gas in their car could struggle even more.”

This struggle will undoubtedly keep financially-strapped families from funneling money into their Texas savings accounts, as a greater need to buy groceries will be a more pressing concern. Previously this year, the House Agriculture committee requested that $33 billion be cut from SNAP and a revision to stop automatic re-enrollment to SNAP if Texans don’t meet the threshold for other public programs like Social Security Income and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

This proposal was turned down, but SNAP supporters grow worried about the fate of school lunch programs that 62 percent of enrolled school children rely on every day.

Texas Savings Accounts May Run Dry

Despite the slowly improving local economy, a change of this nature can be devastating to Texas savings accounts and emergency funds. Living hand-to-mouth is no easy feat, and continued cuts to public programs like SNAP can pose a serious threat to the longevity of low-income Texans.

Congress is still in talks about how to cut costs on Texas food stamps, but keeping the balance is essential for millions of needy families.