Texas Banking Rates

Best Texas Savings Account Rates: January 10, 2011

How do you know if your savings account is a good one? For starters, it should provide you with a high interest rate.

If you don’t know how to go about locating the highest savings account rates in Texas, Texas, don’t worry. Our database of rates from over 3,000 local, national and online banks and credit unions lets us help you locate the best rates quickly and easily so you can begin saving sooner.

How to Find the Best Texas Savings Account Rates

The first thing you should know when you begin shopping around for a savings account is the average savings rate in Texas. Presently, the average rate is .41% APY. Finding an offer that beats this rate will point you in the right direction.

Banks and Credit Unions with the Best Savings Rates in Texas

If you’re still not sure where to go from here, you can start with the following financial institutions in Texas. We’ve listed the top 5 local bank and credit union rates in the area.

  1. Houston Police Credit Union: 2.02% APY
  2. Trans Texas Southwest Credit Union: 1.50% APY
  3. Nizari Progressive Credit Union: 1.26% APY
  4. Howard County Employees Credit Union: 1.15% APY
  5. A Credit Union: 1.01% APY

If any of these rates interest you, or you’d like to see what else is available in your area, you can view our list of all the Texas banks and contact information. Rates may change in the future, so check with the institution before opening an account.