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30-Year Mortgage Rates Deal of the Day: Concho Educators Federal Credit Union at 3.43% APR

One of the most important factors in choosing a home loan is acquiring a great mortgage rate to ensure monthly payments are low. Concho Educators Federal Credit Union understands the desire for homeowners to secure affordable mortgage rates, which is why it is currently providing its members with a very competitive 3.43% APR.

Mortgage Rates Terms and Conditions

Concho Educators Federal Credit Union is offering its 30-year mortgage at an interest rate of 3.38% (3.43% APR), which competes with the low rates experience industry wide. The rate presumes loan origination fees of 1 percent and represents a “lock-in” period of 40 days. This means if a loan is applied for and locked in today, the credit union will guarantee the rate and points for 40 days.

The quote is based on a loan amount of $150,000, the purchase of a primary residence and a sales price of at least $187,500. The credit union also presumes the applicant will have a credit score of 740 or above.

About Concho Educators Federal Credit Union

Concho Educators Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1941 with an initial field of membership that was limited to teachers and administrators employed by the San Angelo Independent School District. Since that time, the credit union has expanded its membership to include employees of numerous educational institutions and employee groups throughout Tom Green County.

Today, Concho Educators Federal Credit Union has grown to more than $67 million in assets and maintains over 7,000 members. In addition to mortgage loans, the credit union offers a wide variety of financial productions, including deposit accounts and credit cards.

Other Terms and Conditions may apply. Additionally, interest rates are based on the institution’s online published rates and may have changed since this offer was posted. Please contact the financial institution for the most recent rate updates and to review the terms of the offer.