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Highest Texas 24-Month CD Rates: September 2011

It seems as though deposit account rates are just getting worse and worse, which makes finding a competitive Texas CD rate feel near impossible. Luckily, there are still financial institutions in the area that are providing excellent CD rates if you know where to find them.

This is especially true for 24-month CDs in Texas, which tend to offer the best rates.

What Is a 24-Month CD?

CDs are available in a variety of terms, which refers to the amount of time your money remains on deposit. Choosing a 24-month term is considered to be more of a long-term approach to investing in a CD. There are a couple of reasons why you may choose a longer term of 2 years.

The top reason, however, is that a 24-month CD generally allows you to earn a better interest rate. This is because banks and credit unions want to encourage account holders to keep their money on deposit longer.

That means if you want to earn a higher interest rate and importantly, don’t mind remaining hands-off your account for a full 2 years, a 24-month CD is a great choice.

Highest Texas 24-Month CD Rates

If you’re interested in finding a 24-month CD account at a local financial institution that also earns a great rate, check out the banks and credit unions below:

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The above rates are accurate as of 9/7/11, but may change at any time in the future. Please contact individual financial institutions directly to verify rates and learn about an additional requirements.