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Deal of the Day: Members Credit Union CD Rates at 0.85% APY

members credit union

CDs benefit investors in many ways. They’re a great vehicle for people to earn higher dividends in return for locking their funds away for a set period of time. A 24-month Members Credit Union certificate of deposit from this Cleburne, Texas, banking co-op, offers a high 0.85% APY, along with other benefits.

Members Credit Union CD Rates: Terms and Conditions

Unlike a standard savings account, this APY is fixed, so it won’t decrease over the course of the product’s lifespan. Interest is compounded and posted on a monthly basis.

The minimum deposit to open a CD with Member’s Credit Union is $1,000. Funds are insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA.

About Members Credit Union

Members Credit Union was first founded in 1954 as the Santa Fe Employees Credit Union. “The new name,” according to the credit union website, “was chosen to help convey that MCU is member owned and once you become a member you may remain a member for life, no matter where you live or work.” Today, anyone working or living in Johnson or Hood County, Texas, is eligible to join MCU.

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