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24-Month CD Rate Deal of the Day: Red River Employees Credit Union at 1.45% APY

Saving money with a traditional savings account can mean modest interest rates with average returns. Saving money with a certificate of deposit can mean higher CD interest rates with the best dividend returns available today. It’s easy which one depositors should choose, especially when it’s through a trusted banking provider like the Red River Employees Credit Union; its member base can now take advantage of earning 1.45% APY on a 2-year certificate of deposit that keeps their finances lucrative.

24-Month CD Terms and Conditions

Besides competitive CD interest rates, popular features of Red River Employees Credit Union’s 2-year CD include:

  • A nominal $500 balance to open — half the amount required by other financial institutions.
  • Dividends can be compounded, deposited to savings, or paid by check, either monthly or quarterly.
  • Automatic renewals available, with a 10-day grace period to withdraw or change terms.

All deposits with the credit union up to and including $250,000 are also federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

About Red River Credit Union

Red River Employees Credit Union began 70 years ago, when a group of Red River Army Depot employees in Texarkana, TX decided to pool their funds together and form a financial cooperative. In keeping with the mission that each member is a part owner in the future of the credit union, today Red River Employees Credit Union counts over 60,000 members and $600 million in assets.

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