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2-year CD Rates Deal of the Day: Mil-Way Federal Credit Union at 1.20% APY

There’s nothing more exciting than having access to competitive CD rates. However, with market rates being lower than usual, it’s not easy to find an account offering the rates many consumers are looking for.

Mil-Way Federal Credit Union is currently offering its members some of the best CD rates in the industry. Those who sign up for an account today can take advantage of a 1.20% APY.

CD Rates: Terms and Conditions

A certificate of deposit is one of the most overlooked ways to save and grow money. The CD account offered by Mil-Way Federal Credit Union provides a number of benefits to ensure depositors can save their money effectively, including subjecting accounts to an early withdrawal penalty. The minimum deposit to open the CD account is $2,500. Any fee imposed on the account could reduce its earnings.

About Mil-Way Federal Credit Union

Mil-Way Federal Credit Union celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2006, proudly showing its community how far it’s come from the original merger of Miller Ark Credit Union and Railway Credit Union in November 1956.

Mil-Way Federal Credit Union has become one of the fastest growing credit unions in the state and takes pride in service its membership base, which includes individuals who live, work or worship in Bowie, Little River or Miller County in Texas and Arkansas. The credit union is backed by the NCUA, which means all deposits are federally insured for up to $250,000.

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