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Auto Loan Rate Deal of the Day: Investex Credit Union at 2.49% APR

InvesTex Credit Union in Houston, TX allows drivers to stay within their monthly budget thanks to a low auto loan rate. Now members can get a car loan rate as low as 2.49% APR, so there’s no excuse to not buy the car of your dreams today.

Auto Loan Terms and Conditions

At InvesTex Credit Union, members can snag the keys to their new car at low auto loan rates for up to 48 months. Pre-approval is available, so you can prepare yourself and your finances well before you even shop for your next vehicle. The credit union also offers additional services such as extended warranties, GAP coverage, and credit life and disability insurance.

In order to receive this low offer, members must have an eligible credit score and have demonstrated a strong credit history.

About InvesTex Credit Union

InvesTex Credit Union first started under the name, Aldine Teachers Credit Union in 1952. The institution sought to empower its members into making smart decisions about how they spend their money, and cultivate a responsible mindset when it comes to personal finance.

In 2011, the credit union surpassed the $100 million mark in assets and continues to grow its membership, which is currently at over 20,000 strong.

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